By far one of the most fascinating time of the year, fall season has become the embodiment of  worldwide fashion extravaganza, during fashion week and long after.

One by one, fashion shows unfold in peak autumn, echoing catwalk information of great magnitude.  In the friction of this seasonal “fashion marathon”, even the most ready of connoisseurs is left with the  ever daunting dilemma of distinguishing between „regular” and „must-haves”. Luckily, we know all  about eye catchers and we’re happy to share all the style hacks with you! 

One priceless style hack states that in order to perfect an attire one should pay attention to details. Whether it’s through accessories, certain fabrics or sewing patterns or even in the way you carry yourself, details have the power to make or break the composure of your outfit. And to this extent, there is no denying that sunglasses are among those “it” accessories with real overturning powers.

Angled frames and new redesigned cat eye shaped Fendi or cut to precision geometric Marc by Marc Jacobs shades, already have our hearts fluttering. Reminiscent of the graphic trend, these geometric angled sunglasses are key items that you can build a whole look around. These stars are your creative way out of the ordinary. Be prepared to turn heads!

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Partially Rimmed Sunglasses MMJ 478

Completely black framed, covering three quarters of the lenses, these partially rimmed Marc by Marc Jacobs sunglasses come with shiny frame finishing and a tiny speck of metal on each of the upper edges. Angles are cut with sharpness and precision giving you a relaxed appeal with a graphic hint, all the while remaining true to the house aesthetics (a mash up of a little preppie, a little grunge, a little couture).

You can pair them with an oversized black leather jacket. 


Cats Eyes Sunglasses FF 0060

Well defined, precise angles with metallic triangles featured at either side of the bridge and inlaid at the temple tips. These Fendi shades are set to take you to another dimension for an „out of this world” effect.

Get a futuristic look by pairing these creative pieces with a vinyl trench in acid glossy colors à la Dior Fall-Winter 2015/2016.