As Di Caprio puts it in the glorious yacht scene of Wolf of Wall Street: ”when you sail on a boat fit for a Bond villain, sometimes you need to play the part”. 

The irreverent to a fault punch line comes naturally to a go-getter Di Caprio, playing Wall Street mogul Jordan Belfort, effortlessly sporting a classic pair of  Ray-Ban Wayfarers.

Popular for the original design and for their unrivaled qualities, filtering ultraviolet and infrared rays, Ray-Bans are featured in Hollywood filmography, since the 1955’s Rebel Without a Cause and worn by legendary James Dean to modern times Leonardo Di Caprio.

Without a shadow of a doubt, Ray-Ban is one of the world’s most famous sunglasses brands ever created. Its resounding success is a mix of pioneering design, high standard manufacturing and unparalleled longevity.

Ray-Ban’s hit story takes us back to a golden moment in time, the 1930s, when the US army started piloting new and improved aircrafts, that flew farther and higher than ever before. The US Army Air Force pilots were the first to wear, what would later become the epiphany sunglasses brand of all sunglasses. The first prototypes of these new kind of glare-blocking sunnies, were created by Bausch & Lomb, one of the oldest continually operating companies in the US today, founded almost 2 centuries ago. To get an idea of the manufacturing intricate level of quality of the original Ray-Bans, just know that at the time Bausch & Lomb specialized in medical equipment such as: microscopes and telescopes, among other products like binoculars, spectacles or projectors.

What started out as Anti-Glare sunglasses, would later be rebranded to Aviators, under the Ray-Ban brand, which literally means banning the sun rays form the eyes.

First came the Aviator and a few decades later, the Wayfarer, two “larger than brand” frame styles, re-interpreted by almost all sunglasses manufacturers out there.

Next in line, in terms of popularity and overall success, the Clubmaster model is the perfect balance of retro and cool, featuring horn peaks, often made of metal alloy and nylon grilamid frames.

A true star in itself, Ray-Ban is a no-brainer when it comes to reaching celebrity stardom in no-time. Just slip on a pair of classic 58 mm Ray-Ban shooters or the iconic 50 mm Wayfarer to pull off the patented timeless Ray-Ban look.

It is fair to say that Ray-Ban sunglasses were among the first brands to put lens quality on the map for generations since their debut; among the first to define style, define cool, define quality.

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